“If you do not control your reality – your reality controls you”

Vadim Zeland

Hello, World!

Many people are not happy or satisfied with what they have in their lives.  We want to change it but we do not know how.  Reading books, buying expensive esoteric, motivational and “I will teach you how! Do what I do! Follow my steps! You need a mentor!” seminars is not giving a result.  Rather, it’s draining your pocket  and brings disappointment.

I did the same: books, seminars, key turn businesses …  All of them offer only one thing – freedom from your money!

It was like that till I came across book “Reality Transurfing” by Vadim Zeland.  It did change my life!  No, not my life – my relation (concern) to my life.

I started this blog to express myself, my thoughts, to discipline myself.

You, who reading this text, be my guest.  I invite you to join my journey.  I will be posting on a Blog page practices I do and my thoughts.  You welcome to ask me any questions or to ignore me – your choice.

Andriy (Andrew) Botyuk

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